EXCLUSIVE: Northern Rail increases employee engagement year-on-year

Northern Rail has increased employee engagement year-on-year, according to the results of its latest engagement survey.

The train company has been conducting the survey among its 4,800 employees since 2009. It measures five engagement areas: reward, work environment, training and development, and line-of-sight (an awareness of business objectives and performance management).†

In each area employees can award up to 200 points, for an overall maximum score of 1,000 points.

Paul Stephen, compensation and benefits manager at Northern Rail, said: “The survey was introduced to find out what employees’ perceptions of their benefits were.”

For the 2009 survey, employees gave reward an average of 122 points out of a possible 200. This figure increased to 130 points in 2010 and, in 2011, the latest survey, it increased still further to 136 points.

Last year’s survey was completed in November 2011, with communications rolled out in 2012. The data’s highlights were sent out via email to all employees, written up in the company magazine, and communicated during monthly staff meetings.

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