EnergiseYou launches employee health and energy check

Employee wellbeing firm EnergiseYou has launched an online health questionnaire to help employees monitor and optimise their energy levels.

The check focuses on EnergiseYou’s seven habits for health, energy, happiness and performance. It is based on an approach to mind management and resilience, nutrition, exercise, sleep, re-energising staff, smart computer use and work-life balance.

Employees who complete the questionnaire will receive instant feedback on areas they need to tackle to increase their energy and improve performance.

Oliver Gray, managing director at EnergiseYou, said: “We know from our work with thousands of employees that individuals with high energy perform better, are happier, achieve more and are more successful.

“They are also much sharper, quicker and creative. However, very few of us manage to achieve high energy all of the time.

“Increasingly, employers find their employees are working longer and more intense hours, and this eventually becomes unsustainable, leads to poor performance, and an increase in staff absence and turnover.

“The EnergiseYou energy check will enable employees to identify areas they need to work on to increase their energy and improve performance.”

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