Deloitte and FirstGroup sign employees up to national fitness campaign

Deloitte, FirstGroup, A&N Media and Affinion International are among the employers to sign up to a national fitness campaign to help their employees get fit.

The Stay Active 2012 Challenge, which is being run by wellness provider iGlobalWellness comprises a series of 11-week fitness challenges, which will award employees points for undertaking a range of exercise, from walking up stairs to spin classes in the gym.

Teams of five will compete to earn the highest amount of points, both internally and externally with other employers.

iGlobalWellness provides teams with a personal coach and a nutritionist as part of the wellbeing service, which costs 60 per employee for an 11-week challenge.

Challenges will be run throughout the year, with the next two due to start on 14 and 30 May, respectively.

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