Banking executives learn how to tackle challenges of the corporate jungle in luxury spa

It is hard to imagine that the serene and peaceful environment of a luxury spa would provide the setting to teach a group of hard-nosed executives how to be more effective in the corporate jungle of high finance.

This was the tactic of Lloyds Banking Group, which sent a group of its executives to a luxury-spa break at Champneys.

The break, according to the Guardian, was designed to teach the employees how to eat like an executive and become more effective hunter-gatherers in the corporate jungle.

Does this mean they will be better at tracking down a sandwich shop on the way to a business meeting in Canary Wharf?

Speaking to the Guardian, Tim Bean, the celebrity trainer who designed the spa programme, said the break was meant to help the bankers manage their chaotic lives. A personal workout programme was created for the bankers, who were also coached on ‘executive nutrition’.

Emile Abu-Shakra, a spokesperson for Lloyds Banking Group, said: “It is important to stress that this was a free one-off event, which a small group attended last year at the request of a customer, who wanted feedback on a new programme it planned to launch. It was arranged by a senior executive who no longer works for the group.”

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