Vebnet and Vielife partner to offer health and wellbeing service

Vebnet and Vielife Online have partnered to offer a personalised health and wellbeing service to employers using Vebnet’s reward and flexible benefits technology.

The arrangement enables staff to measure and monitor their sleep, stress, and physical activity levels through Vielife’s service, while encouraging them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

An employee will first take an online assessment that will form the basis of a personal report. This identifies any areas of concern in their lifestyle and gives practical advice on how to address these.

Recommendations can be tailored to help staff make the most of other benefits their employer provides, such as private medical insurance, gym membership or an employee assistance programme.

Vielife Online’s management reporting capabilities can help employers pinpoint health and wellbeing issues and create targeted wellbeing strategies. Multinational employers can implement the scheme across multiple countries and configure it to local languages.

Simon Parkinson, senior consultant at Vebnet, said: “It allows an employer to get an overall view of its employee base. It also helps engage employees to look into all their benefits.”

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