iGlobalFitness launches weight management programme

iGlobalFitness has launched a personal weight management programme to help employers support employees in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight on their own terms.

The programme consists of four one-hour sessions per year with an iGlobalFitness wellness facilitator.

Each session provides a general review of the employee’s lifestyle; a health check, including blood pressure, resting heart rate, hydration levels, body fat percentage and muscle mass; nutritional review; a full review of their exercise history and current exercise programme; a daily activity monitor; goal-setting and an agreement whereby the employee will agree regularity and the type of support they will receive from the wellness facilitator between sessions, for example, in the form of a phone call, SMS text message or email.

The scheme, which will cost £500 per employee for the year, aims to prevent weight and stress problems from developing in employees.

Adam Lask, chief operating office at iGlobalFitness, said: “Employees will feel valued by having such a personalised in-depth service.

“They are much more likely to stay with an organisation if they feel they are being looked after as a person, not just an employee.”

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