Case study: Volvo staff incentives drive sales

When Volvo Car UK wanted to boost sales of its SE Lux and executive level vehicles last year, it launched a motivation programme for sales staff that had a personalised focus for individuals. This enabled managers to discuss an individual’s performance and match it with a variety of incentives.

Volvo’s Hub programme, provided by P&MM, included a range of rewards branded as the Golden Apple reward, the Big Apple prize draw and the Accessories Extra reward.

The top prize in the scheme was a weekend in New York for the employee and a guest. The Golden Apple option included prizes such as Apple iPods and iPads. Meanwhile, the Accessories Extra category awarded each employee £50 for every accessory sale on top of the sale of a vehicle.

A Volvo-branded website enabled employees to track and redeem their rewards online. More than 80% of the 420 staff taking part logged onto the website during the promotion.

Bob Moore, programme manager at Volvo Car UK, says: “A close relationship between managers and their sales executives was reinforced by personalised performance data, updated on a frequent basis.

“This meant motivation could be managed on an individual basis, allowing the audience to focus on their achievable rewards, keeping them engaged for longer.”

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