Hymans Robertson adds health checks and car lease scheme to flex

Hymans Robertson is adding office-based health screenings and a car lease scheme to its flexible benefits scheme.

The pensions consultancy firm is introducing the screenings, provided by Healthy Performance, after a questionnaire in 2010 revealed many employees were interested in the benefit.

A car lease scheme for all 510 employees will also be introduced when the new flex year begins on 1 June.

Available to all employees through a salary sacrifice arrangement, the health screenings offer a series of different tests that give individuals an idea of their physiological wellbeing, for example, cholesterol levels and lung function tests.

Hymans Robertson has worked with Healthy Performance for the past few years on its wellbeing initiatives, which includes workshops around different themes, for example nutrition, hydration and physical wellbeing, whereby employees were encouraged to do more to become fit and active.

Communications to staff about the implementation of the screenings began in April with interactive emails, an e-newsletter and drop-in sessions where staff can discuss the different benefits on offer.

Steve Moore, HR manager at Hymans Robertson, said: “As a result of the assessments we will get an overall corporate report about the level of wellbeing of the organisation.

“It will not show personal details but it will show hotspots, for example, if there is a particular issue around cholesterol levels in one of the offices. This will help us inform what future events we could hold in terms of health and wellbeing. It helps us understand where there may be issues that we can address.

“We believe that looking after wellbeing, not just physical, but also emotional and mental wellbeing, is important.”

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