CareerBuilder research: Employers leave negotiating room when providing salary increases

More than two-thirds (70%) of employers have room for manoeuvre when offering contracts, according to a poll by online job website

Almost half of respondents (49%) said they leave some negotiating room when providing salary increases to current employees, while one in ten think less of candidates who do not push for higher salaries.

The poll, which surveyed more than 190 UK business leaders, also found that while employers are not always in the position to offer higher salaries, they are often willing to compromise on other incentives and perks such as flexible work arrangements.

Employers said they would consider negotiating flexible work hours, as cited by 70% of respondents, training opportunities (40%), bonuses (36%), holiday (25%), telecommuting options (15%), title change (15%), casual dress (12%), better office or desk space (10%), and academic reimbursement (10%).

Tony Roy, president of CareerBuilder, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said: “An important point to remember when reviewing a job offer is to look beyond the pay cheque.

“Some jobs that may not pay as well may be rich in learning and advancement opportunities or have a great work culture. Make sure to look at the whole package.”

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