Cadence Market Strategy research: Employees value flexible working

Almost half of employees cite flexible working as their top choice to improve health and wellbeing, according to research conducted by Cadence Market Strategy.

Out the 1,087 employees that responded to its annual Health and Wellbeing Survey, 42% said that flexible working was their favourite benefit.

Dan Doherty, a spokesperson for Cadence Market Strategy, said: “Flexible working was once seen as something as a perk for top management, the creative industries and almost exclusively office workers. 

“But with a 24/7 business day, flexible working does not just help organisations to serve people better it also offers an opportunity for employers to help employees remove some of the stress of fitting modern life around a rigid working day.

“Likewise with maternity and paternity leave, being able to mix and match these will help workers to maximise the family support that is available and help both parents keep on top of their jobs, maintain a steady home life and ultimately reduce stress and worry. That has got to be good for productivity too.”

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