Mind launches workplace mental health and wellbeing campaign

One in 10 workers have sought support from their doctors and 7% have started taking anti-depressants for stress and mental health problems directly caused by the pressures of the recession on their workplace.

The findings, from a populous poll of 2.050 workers by the mental health charity Mind, have led it to launch its ‘Taking Care of Business campaign. This is a five-year long campaign that is aimed at educating employers and staff about mental health-related absenteeism and creating-mentally healthy workplaces.

The campaign will include an employer resource pack with a guide for employers on improving staff wellbeing, good practice examples and a template policy covering the principles of addressing mental health at work and how to put a plan in place.

It also includes: Mind Workplace, a tailored consultancy and training service for organisations; local employment support services for people with mental health problems via local Mind associations; and Time to Challenge, a web resource for employers and employees on rights at work.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said: “The recession has meant years of uncertainty for workers, with people living in fear of losing their jobs or overloaded with work as their company downsizes. Mind believes we must act now to make workplaces more mentally healthy.

“Supportive workplaces benefit everyone: employers, employees and the balance sheets of businesses. Mind is urging businesses to invest in the wellbeing of their staff as a corporate priority and to cultivate healthier workplaces that do not hide from issues such as mental distress.”

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