Life Academy launches retirement planning service

Life Academy, in partnership with Friends Provident, has introduced an online service called Preparing for Retirement, which organisations can offer employees as a pre-retirement educational tool.

The course comprises four modules – managing change, money, time, and health and relationships – which are accompanied by a downloadable personal retirement planner.

Stuart Royston, chief executive of Life Academy, said: “The online resource offers a practical and affordable solution to help people plan and learn about the challenges and choices they will face when preparing for retirement. 

“The resource has a couple of applications. Firstly, it can be used by employers which, in the current economic climate are unable to provide face-to-face courses, or that want to support their employees but need to reduce the cost. 

“Secondly, it can be used by employers that wish to use the course as an introduction to the concepts employees will meet during a face-to-face course’.

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