Landscaping firm grows veggies for employees

In these tough economic times the growth of reward and benefits packages is not something witnessed by many employees.

This is not the case for staff at landscaping US firm Lawnman, whose benefits literally sprout out from the ground.

Burnie Lenau a landscaping executive at the firm has created a 1,000-square-foot garden plot to grow fruit and veggies, including corn, tomatoes, peppers and squash for the 35-strong workforce.

He used his own land at his home in Carmichael for the for the garden, which is tended by a company-crew, as part of their paid work duties.

Lenau told The Sacramento Bee that he views the garden as a way to help employees deal with the pay cuts and reduced hours caused by the uncertain economic climate.

“We’re all in this together”, he said.

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