T-Mobile adds salary sacrifice travel perks

T-Mobile has added a salary sacrifice arrangement on bus travel and travel insurance to its flexible benefits scheme.

Through the salary sacrifice offer on bus travel, which supports the mobile telecoms operator’s bid to cut CO2 emissions, staff can save up to 40% on the cost of tickets.

Employees can select annual tickets valid on local buses operating across the UK through the greentravel2work initiative, provided by P&MM. The ticket is paid for in 12 monthly instalments taken from gross pay, which enables staff to make savings on income tax and national insurance worth up to about 40% of the total cost of their fare.

Robert Cross, T-Mobile’s reward manager, said the scheme would appeal particularly to store staff, who had to commute to high-street locations, as well as to call-centre staff. The salary sacrifice scheme also ties in with T-Mobile’s changes to make its fleet more environmentally friendly, which were enforced in April.

“It is a greener scheme,” said Cross. “As a company, our emissions will be reduced as we hope to take more cars off the road. The main benefit for staff will be the reduction on the cost of their season ticket.”

The travel insurance is provided by Crispin Speers.