Leasedrive Velo Group launches mileage capture and reporting system

Leasedrive Velo Group has launched a fully-automated secure online business and private mileage capture and reporting mechanism.

With the ability to capture private mileage data from fuel and cash invoices, the Mileage:Manager system is designed to cuts costs and increase the efficiency for customers. 

Mileage:Manager delivers an online journey log, linked to the relevant fuel card charges. The system calculates the charges due for any private mileage based on the actual cost of fuel on an individual driver’s card, or based on whatever allowance a customer wants to use. 

The system also delivers accurate driver charging based on the agreed individual cost per mile and highlights the effects of vehicle choice, fuel type and driving style to company and driver. Mileage:Manager then interfaces with the customer’s payroll and expense system and the transaction is complete.

Roddy Graham, commercial director, at the Leasedrive Velo Group, said: “Mileage:Manager can also extract this information to produce accurate P11D benefits and P46 car form returns for best compliance practice, delivering an end-to-end fully-automated and integrated solution, with customers enjoying significant resource savings.”