Channel 4 outsources HR administration and payroll

Channel 4 has outsourced its HR administration and payroll to Logica as part of a company-wide programme to reduce costs and streamline its operations.

Under the terms of the partnership, Logica will implement Oracle’s payroll application and integrate it with the company’s existing Oracle HR system to achieve a single and unified HR systems solution.†

Logica will also manage the transition from the current bureau payroll service it provides to Channel 4, to a fully-managed service.†

The new contract will also see Logica manage approximately 25 of Channel 4’s transactional HR processes such as joiners and leavers, employee changes, and absence administration.

The implementation was phased over several months with the service going live in April 2009.†

The advantages for Channel 4 include:†

  • Cost savings and increased efficiency through more automation across HR and finance
  • Minimal upfront investment and switching fixed costs for variable costs
  • A single source for employee data, reduced duplication of effort and manual intervention
  • Comprehensive reporting to facilitate better employee information
  • Ability to scale service up or down quickly to cope with changing business dynamics.

Gemma Dowson, senior IT project manager at Channel 4, said: “Logica has a proven track record in delivering new and innovative ideas to improve our processes and achieve greater efficiencies that align with our business and technology strategies.”