Kellogg’s staff to benefit from Friday afternoons off in summer

Kellogg’s employees will be able to finish work at lunch time each Friday between May and September.

Employees who have completed a full week’s hours by Friday lunchtime will be permitted to take the afternoon off.

This is the fifth year that Kellogg’s has run the scheme and the firm reported that in 2007 70% of staff regularly used the scheme.

Jacqueline Grainger, UK HR director at Kellogg’s, said: “Summer Hours is a great scheme that all of our employees, including those without a family, benefit from and feedback shows that it helps make our company a great place to work.

“Flexible working is something we take very seriously at Kellogg’s and this is part of a package that we offer to ensure that we provide work life balance opportunities to all employees.”

The scheme will commence on 9 May.