Case study: Kellogg’s offers support to staff in times of crisis

With its roots in improving health through diet, it is perhaps not surprising that Kellogg’s is committed to supporting its employees as much as possible in times of crisis.

Jacqueline Grainger, UK HR director, says: “We believe it is important to create an environment where work and life commitments can be properly balanced and support is given to employees in times of need.”†

Kellogg’s, which employs about 2,000 people in the UK, offers a number of support mechanisms, including counselling, flexible working arrangements and unpaid leave. To ensure staff can access this support easily, there are advisers throughout the organisation who can help them with their problems. Line managers are also trained to coach people and offer flexible working where this can help.

“We also offer employees special types of leave in order to support them in certain circumstances, perhaps to look after ill dependants,” says Grainger.

If a dependant is ill, for example, an employee can take a couple of days’ unpaid leave to look after them. Longer periods of unpaid leave are also possible if an employee needs to take time off.

Long-serving staff are entitled to additional support mechanisms. After 25 years’ service, for example, Kellogg’s employees become members of the 25 years club, which gives them access to a trust fund should they find themselves in financial difficulty.

Retired staff are also looked after with regular visits and meetings to identify whether they need any help.

“Supporting employees and retirees is important and vital to the success of our business,” adds Grainger.