Boots opposed to Nottingham parking levy

Nottingham-based employers may challenge the levy that will charge commuters 75 pence each day to park in the city from 2010, which has been approved by Nottingham City Council.  

Employers with ten or more parking spaces will be liable for the levy, which will cost £185 per year from 2010, and rise to £350 per year by 2014. The revenue raised from this, which will total approximately £5.6m in 2010 alone, will be invested in public transport measures such as improving the city’s rail and tram services.

The scheme must now be scrutinised by the government before the go ahead is given. But the Derbyshire and Nottingham Chamber of Commerce and local business are mounting a legal challenge to stop the levy.

A spokeswoman from Boots, said: “Boots supports the alternative policy of congestion charging believing it will encourage a change in driver behaviour. The workplace parking levy does not seek to change this behaviour as alternative modes of transport are not available to our staff, who still require use of their cars to reach work.

“As a result, Boots is not in support of the workplace parking levy initiative, and instead seeks alternative means by which to reduce the impact on traffic congestion and support Nottingham’s future transport needs.”

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