G4S Cash Services outsources its payroll

G4S Cash Services, part of security firm Group 4 Securicor, outsourced its payroll in 1997 while running complex admin for 9,000 staff.

When the company decided to outsource, it opted to use a provider it had previously worked with. Gavin Carter, former payroll services manager at G4S Cash Services and now a consultant for the firm, explains: "Statutory maintenance is ever-increasing and, with this service, we know it’s done for us. It has also reduced development costs and we can be confident that Northgate will keep up with any hardware or technological advances."

Another advantage is that the technology used can deal with the complexity of the organisation’s payroll, while the front-end has been tailored to look like G4S’s previous system to keep long-serving employees happy. "Between 7,000 and 8,000 of our staff operate by the hour and any one of them could be paid at 17 different hourly rates, so it is important that the system is accessible to these feeds. It now just takes a flick of a switch at our end," adds Carter.