Wellbourne Medical to launch on-site skin cancer screening

Wellbourne Medical is planning to launch an on-site skin cancer screening service for employers to offer to staff.

Its MoleVision product uses skin imaging technology operated by a trained nurse to scan moles for the early detection of melanomas. If the scan is clear, patients are informed immediately and are given information on how to spot the warning signs and symptoms of skin damage.

If there is any doubt over the scanned images, employees are then sent to the clinical director and his team of consultant specialists for analysis. If necessary, the patient is then referred to the NHS or, if they have private medical insurance cover, they can be referred directly to a private consultant.

The screening process takes approximately 20 minutes and is done with portable equipment so requires a small, private room or even just an area with access to a power socket. Images can be stored for comparative purposes to see whether any changes have taken place over time.

The company plans to launch the service to the corporate sector as a flex or voluntary benefit for employees.

Professional services organisation LECG trialled the product at its London office where there are approximately 100 members of staff. It initially offered 20 slots for employees to be screened, however, demand made it necessary to increase the number available to 30 time slots. A questionnaire sent round to employees following the screening revealed a positive response