Small fleets unconcerned by green issues

Employers with fleets of less than 100 company cars do not see environmental issues as a key concern.

instead, some of their key issues include: driver licence checking; making employees aware of the smoking ban; risk management issues; keeping on top of fleet administration and reducing overall vehicle operating costs. Environmental concerns did not appear among the top 10 issues facing managers looking after fleets of this size.

This is according to the results of a survey undertaken by fleet management company Jaama at its Fleet Management Essentials workshops which were targeted largely at employees with part-time fleet responsibility or people new to the role of fleet manager.

Jason Francis, managing director, said: “Given the high profile in the media of climate change concerns and the importance of businesses embracing the environment within their corporate social responsibility programmes, we were surprised that the delegates did not view green issues as key within their operations.

“While they may not be responsible for strategic green policy decisions, we have tried to impress on delegates that introducing environmentally-friendly initiatives will help them achieve one of their key targets which is reducing overall fleet operating costs.”