Senior civil service staff given iPods loaded with leadership lessons

Senior civil servants have been given iPods in a pilot scheme to deliver lessons in leadership skills.

As part of a pilot training initiative, the video iPods, given to a small number of senior civil service staff, have been pre-loaded with 50 three-to-five minute leadership lessons.

In total, the iPods cost £7,583 VAT which a Home Office spokeswoman said proved cost effective compared to classroom training sessions for senior staff, as the capacity on one iPod represents the equivalent of three days’ worth of classroom training. “We’re always looking for the most cost-effective way of providing learning and development across the whole department,” she said.

The spokeswoman did not say whether the iPods can be employed for personal use but said that they are a central resource so would be used as and when was necessary. “They offer the opportunity for flexible learning so that members of staff can do the training when it fits in with their time so they are not necessarily out of the office for the whole day.”

News of these learning aids come at a time when the Home Office’s published bonus figures have come under some criticism.