Engaging staff can help to reduce turnover

Employers can drive down labour turnover and improve productivity by engaging and recognising employees at work. 

This is according to Sophie Jenkins, European consumer services director at Lego, speaking on improving business performance at the Human Resources Forum, held last week. 

Lego conducts regular staff surveys to identify how employees feel about their role at the organisation and what improvements could be made. To fully engage these employees, companies must also then show staff that they are acting on the suggestions that have been made. 

Speaking in the same session, John Smyth, funding partner at Engage for Change, added that empowering employees can help to motivate them at work. He explained that, far too often, companies make decisions about the direction a company is going in without consulting staff. But by recognising the importance of employees and valuing their opinions, employers will find that they benefit from a more content workforce.