Somerfield’s fleet to save £1m

Somerfield is set to save £1 million over three years by outsourcing its company car fleet. The supermarket group used to run its fleet in-house from a local Bristol garage, but outsourced the scheme last month. Martin Richards, finance executive, said: "We are not in the business of running a fleet we are in the business of selling baked beans." He added that the move, run by fleet firm Leasedrive, will also help Somerfield get to grips with new corporate manslaughter legislation.

"This will free up our time to look at managing risk and safety. Risk management is rising up the agenda, so we are concentrating on understanding our responsibilities in relation to corporate manslaughter." He added that 300 drivers opted to take cash instead of a company car this year, but that they will still be eligible for health and safety checks.