Product News – AutoChoice extends perks

Fleet management provider ALD Automotive has started up an online car benefit scheme for employers.

The AutoChoice Benefits Direct scheme is intended to extend company car benefits to staff who would not normally qualify for a vehicle.

John Wright, product development manager, said: “We kept getting asked if there was anything we could extend to staff as a voluntary benefits package. Most people have access to the internet and this will reach a wide audience in the most efficient way.”

It also hopes the affinity scheme will improve staff recruitment and retention, and the provider expects its buying power to help it pass on discounts to organisations.

Through employer intranet sites, workers can access a catalogue of cars and a helpline has been set up to handle orders. The range of cars on offer stretches from new to five years old. ALD Automotive will also supply ex-company cars between 18 months and five years old from its 45,000-strong UK fleet.

For more information contact John Wright on 0117 908 6260.