Learn whether car salary sacrifice risks have become a reality at Employee Benefits Connect


Those attending Employee Benefits Connect can gain insight into the potential risks around car salary sacrifice arrangements, and how to select risk mitigation approaches that best suit their organisation.

In the session ‘Salary sacrifice for cars: evolving solutions and the truth about risks’, Claire Evans, head of fleet consultancy at Zenith, will examine the risks around car salary sacrifice, how employers can assess their level of risk in each area, and how to effectively model risk based on different scenarios.

The session will also discuss the perceived risks around car salary sacrifice and whether these have become a reality.

In the same session, Sophie Martin, category specialist, supply chain management at NATS, will discuss the risks the air traffic control organisation identified in its car salary sacrifice arrangement, the steps it took to mitigate these risks and how effective these contingencies have been.

Evans (pictured) said: “The session will identify what the risks are. The risks are not going to be the same for everybody so we will look at what the specific risks are [for different organisations] and at assessing the amount of risk in the different areas.

“I’d hope attendees leave the session with a complete understanding of how real car salary sacrifice risks are likely to be for their particular organisations, I’d also like them to be able to evaluate the best risk mitigation solution that will work for them.”

Employee Benefits Connect will take place on Wednesday 9 March at the Lancaster London.

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