Cafe recruits cat nannies to support feline workforce

Cat CafeSomething for the weekend: A cat café in Manchester is on the look out for cat nannies.

Recruits will be paid £7.50-£8 an hour, and will undertake round-the-clock shift work.

Cat nannies will be responsible for the general wellbeing of the cats at the café, which is due to open this spring. Staff will also be tasked with encouraging interaction between the cats and the café’s customers.

Employees fulfilling this role will play with the cats, feed, groom and train them, as well as develop games and rearrange furniture at the café to ensure that the cats are in a stimulating environment. Cat nannies’ daily tasks will also include cleaning out litter trays and cleaning the cats’ bedding.

Playing with cats might be part of the successful candidates’ job description, but at Employee Benefits HQ with think it sounds like a pretty great work perk…