Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils achieve 10% log-in for car salary sacrifice

Car key

Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils have achieved a 10% log-in rate to their dedicated driver site after revamping their car salary sacrifice scheme.

The car salary sacrifice arrangement was revamped in June 2015 as part of wider changes to the local authorities’ employee benefits programme, which is provided by P&MM.

Thus far, 100 orders have been placed through the new scheme, provided by Tusker. This represents a 40% increase in orders compared to the salary sacrifice scheme that ran prior to June 2015.

To communicate the scheme to the 20,000 eligible employees across Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen City Council, a series of roadshows were held in partnership with Tusker.

Martin Kitts-Hayes, Aberdeenshire councillor and chair of the organisation’s policy and resources committee, said: “Our employees work in a wide variety of roles, from home carers to road workers. We fully appreciate how expensive it is to live and work in Aberdeenshire, so this is a great way for our employees to limit and budget for the cost of travel.”