Asons Solicitors launches staff incentive scheme

Asons Solicitors office-2015

Asons Solicitors has launched an incentive scheme aimed at motivating its 306 employees.

Through the scheme, the personal injury law firm awards staff certificates, which can be exchanged for high street retail vouchers. 

Employees can earn merit certificates for actions such as 100% attendance, good time management, hitting individual targets and over achievements or actions that respresent Asons’ values. Each merit certificate awarded has a face value of 50p. 

Once a member of staff has collected merits in multiples of 10, these can be exchanged for a high street retail voucher worth between £5 and £25.

The law firm has also set up two merit leagues, one for resource staff and another for operations workers, which provide performance figures on the number of merit cetificates earned by employees. These are also aimed at generating a sense of competition between staff. 

The league tables are sent out to all Asons employees via internal communications emails.

Sarah Ainscough, head of human resources at Asons Solicitors, said: “Employee recognition is a key value within our firm, but with so many people working in different functions, how do you reward fairly and positively?

“The merit scheme allows recognition to build momentum and encourage employees to congratulate themselves, not just on performance-related achievement, but also areas such as timekeeping, attendance, delivering training, helping others, and working additional hours.”