Thieves fuelled by workplace food

Something for the weekend…


Imagine how you would feel if your food was stolen from the office kitchen.

It’s happened to many of us, but who are the culprits?

Research conducted by found that more than two-fifths (42%) of the 1,880 respondents admitted to stealing food from communual kitchen areas.

Nearly half (47%) said they believed that having a small amount of someone else’s food would not matter, while 31% could not be bothered to go to the shops and 29% had no money to spend, so opted to help themselves.

Perhaps employers could help by offering staff discount schemes for supermarkets.

The research also found that food theft has caused workplace kitchen wars, although 68% believed that taking another employee’s food did not count as theft.

So what other benefits could help to counter the thieves?

Employee Benefits suggests onsite canteens, discounted lunches or even paid-for food drops.

But perhaps a simple sign reading DO NOT TOUCH would help – as we once resorted to at EB HQ.

The top-five stolen foods are:

1. Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, butter and so on.) – 41%
2. Cereal – 38%
3. Bread – 37%
4. Cheese – 28%
5. Fruit and vegetables – 26%