Only 16% of employees would consider an electric company car

Only 16% of respondents would consider an electric car as their next company car, according to research by the Leasedrive Group.


Its research, which surveyed 534 employee drivers, found that 51% of respondents would not consider an electric car, while 33% were unsure.

More than a third (35%) of respondents cited a poor range of electric car options as the main reason behind their decision, while lack of knowledge (13%) and lack of an adequate re-charging infrastructure (12%) were the next most cited reasons.

Roddy Graham, commercial director of the Leasedrive Group, said: “It certainly comes as no surprise that the biggest reason for not considering an electric car as a next company car is range.

“Unless drivers regularly travel in an urban area or between two closely connected urban areas, they are unlikely to consider an electric car as their main car.

“Wider adoption is dependent on improved battery technology, which allows extensive distances to be covered without re-charge.

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“Of course the re-charging infrastructure needs to be more comprehensive, but when everyone is so ‘time poor’ in the 21st century, the last thing drivers have the time to do is spend time looking for a re-charging point, hoping it is free and then waiting for a minimum charge to take place.

“For now, hybrids and range extenders offer the most practical solution until battery technology improves substantially.”