Goodman Masson trademarks staff engagement

EXCLUSIVE: Recruitment firm Goodman Masson has trademarked its employee engagement philosophy.


The Experience® and the phrase ‘There is more to life than work®’ become registered trademarks on 28 February.

Goodman Masson credits its low levels of employee attrition and high levels of employee engagement to a range of factors, including:

  • Wellbeing initiatives, such as  yoga classes, beauty treatments and onsite massages.
  • Financial initiatives, such as mortgage funds and car loans. 
  • Employees being given the infrastructure and tools to professionally develop. 
  • A Friday finish of 3:30pm to employees balance their lifestyles.

Guy Hayward (pictured), chief executive officer at Goodman Masson, said: “The Experience® is about placing our people at the centre of our growth agenda and creating an employee experience that people want to be part of and don’t want to leave.” 

Goodman Masson was awarded ’Best reward strategy aligned to business strategy’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2013.