Coca-Cola signs up to staff engagement initiative

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Telent are among the employers that have signed up for a new employee engagement initiative.


The initiative, which was launched by Standard Life, aims to develop the most effective means of employee engagement in a post-auto-enrolment world.

It includes a range of messaging campaigns available for all employers with a Standard Life pension plan, which covers retirement, investments and consolidating pension schemes.

It also includes tools to test as part of the initiative and has made Standard Life’s Goal Planner, an interactive online tool, designed to help build a picture of what an individual’s financial future may look like, available to all employees. 

The beverage manufacturer and the technology services organisation are piloting the initiative with their employees.

For instance, Telent has trialled a communications campaign to encourage staff to consider consolidating their small pension pots.

Dawn Taylor, pensions manager at Telent, said: “I actually used the Standard Life consolidation service to bring a couple of small pension pots into my Telent pensions plan.

Standard Life is also trialling the initiative with the members of its defined contribution (DC) pension scheme.

Sheena Cowan, employee benefits manager at Standard Life, said: “Working with the employee engagement taskforce has made me think very differently about how I get the right message to the right people at the right time, so that all of our employees can have a better opportunity to retire when they want to with an income they expect.  

“We’ve now got a really clear engagement plan for our DC scheme with fresh and powerful communication campaigns using a variety of media over this year.

“Success for us will be a year-on-year increase in member contribution levels so that we know our members are investing towards a potentially meaningful income in retirement.

“We’d also like to see evidence that members are more confident in reviewing their investment and target retirement date choices.”