Cleaners take life into their own hands

Something for the weekend…


Most office-based employees have the safety of sitting behind a desk. So it might not seem important to them to know whether their employer provides life assurance benefits or not.

But employees who take their life into their hands might want to check this before going on the job.

This could be the case for workers of US-based firm Abseilon USA, who dangle from ropes to clean the Grand Canyon’s skywalk glass.

Hooked up by a series of ropes, employees have to clean more than 40 panes of glass underneath the bridge. Sometimes they even have to abseil down into the canyon to retrieve water bottles, hats and other items of rubbish.

As they dangle 4,000 feet above the Colorado River and 70 feet from the edge of the Grand Canyon, whether they are entitled to death in service benefits might also cross their minds.

Despite the danger to their health and wellbeing, these cleaners must be rewarded by some awe-inspiring views.