Virtual windscreen ends work woes

Something for the weekend …

Field-based employees or those who travel frequently on business may well be used to making do with whatever facilities they can find to conduct business while on the road or between meetings. But this could be set to change thanks to new interactive windscreen technology, which can effectively turn their car into a mobile office.

Technology organisation Harman previewed its head up display system (HUD) at the Geneva Motor Show. This projects information such as the car’s speed and distance from the car in front, and phone calls with a picture of the caller safely into a driver’s line of sight.

And the advantages of using such technology can be extended to other employee groups, giving staff the chance to work in peace or to entertain business associates or clients in style. After all, they could invite a contact to lunch at the nearest drive-through, while impressing them with a presentation or conference call.

However, tech-savvy employers should be careful if they decide to implement the augmented system, as fuel costs and flexible-working requests may increase dramatically.