UK employers overlook grey fleet driver safety

UK employers are failing to adequately implement driver safety initiatives for employees who use their own cars for work, according to research by services company Fleet21.

The Fleet21 business driver report revealed that 31% of employers surveyed did not check whether grey fleet drivers had the correct business car insurance, while 43% said that they did not check whether grey fleet drivers had valid MOTs.

The survey, which questioned more than 500 respondents, also found:

  • 24% of grey fleet drivers were individually risk assessed, compared to 35% of company car drivers.
  • 37% of grey fleet cars were checked by organisations for their road-worthiness, compared to 75% of company car vehicles.
  • 16% of grey fleet drivers had their mental state and attitude assessed, compared to 20% of company car drivers.
  • Driver safety education was given to 20% of grey fleet drivers and to 28% of company car drivers.
  • 75% of respondents checked the driving licenses of company car drivers, compared to 73% of grey fleet drivers

Simon Turner, managing director of Fleet21, said: “Employers need to realise that however far, or infrequently, their grey fleet drivers travel, they still pose a significant risk to their business. In our experience, grey fleets are often the forgotten drivers with employers unsure of how to assess their risk and what action to take.”