Chinese boss outsources daughter’s homework to staff

Something for the weekend …

A savvy boss in China sneakily outsourced his 12-year-old daughter’s homework assignments to nine of his employees.

According to local newspaper, the Qianjiang Evening News, the demanding daughter forced the employees to stay up late for two nights because, instead of picking one homework option from a batch of four, the lazy, yet ambitious, girl decided to complete all of them. She did not get involved herself, however.

A professional photographer, hired by the teenager’s father, faced a peculiar dilemma when completing one of the assignments.

He was tasked with taking photos of the business man’s hometown to detail the changes that have happened over the past decade.

The photographer explained: “I could not take great pictures, since they were supposed to be by a 12-year-old, but if the pictures were bad my boss would blame me.”

Other staff members were enlisted to create a video and write an essay for the project.

The girl was able to take a two-minute, professionally-edited clip, complete with backing music and aerial shots, into her school.

It is not clear whether the employees will receive any additional benefits or bonus for completing the project.