Astellas employees donate 9,000 volunteering hours

Employees at Astellas Pharma Europe, the European Headquarters of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma, have donated more than 9,000 employee volunteering hours, equivalent to 390 working days, to their local communities.

The organisation enables employees to volunteer as part of its annual Changing Tomorrow Day programme, which has been running for three years.    

In 2012, 518 employees across 18 countries took part, volunteering 3,422 hours. Across the three-year programme, staff have donated a combined total of 9,383 hours of working time with charities supporting children, young people and the vulnerable. 

A wide range of initiatives have been undertaken by individual Astellas offices. In the UK, six volunteering days were held, including working with St Peter’s Hospital and The Children’s Trust.

Volunteers also helped out with gardening, painting and ran cooking classes at a school in Staines.   

Ken Jones, president and chief executive officer of Astellas Pharma Europe, said: “We’re delighted to have seen another increase in staff involvement, and a milestone reached with more than 9,000 hours donated to the communities where we work.”