Public sector staff view benefits as better than in the private sector

Around a quarter (24%) of public sector staff believe their benefits are better than those received by their private sector contemporaries, despite this often not being the case, according to research by MetLife Employee Benefits.

Meanwhile, 56% of private sector workers believe the public sector offers better employee benefits.

However, the research also found that public sector employees are up to six-times less likely to receive a range of employee benefits including private medical insurance and income protection than their counterparts in the private sector.

Public sector workers are much more likely to receive pensions and additional paid holiday above the statutory minimum than counterparts in the private sector.

Around 76% of public sector workers have access to pension schemes with employer contributions, compared to just 47% of those working in the private sector. Another 10% of private sector workers have pensions without employer contributions, compared with 8% of public sector staff.

Stephanie Baillie, employee benefits director at MetLife, said: “The private sector versus public sector debate has understandably focused on the cost and provision of pensions but in reality the picture is more complex.

“Employees in the private sector benefit from access to a wider range of other employee benefits which should be factored into any discussion. A well-designed employee benefits package can be very valuable for staff.”

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