Helm Godfrey launches HR consultancy

Employee benefits adviser Helm Godfrey has launched an HR consultancy, aimed at providing tailored services to suit different sizes of organisations.

The consultancy will be led by Elizabeth Cook, who has worked for multinational organisations in various HR roles.

The key areas of focus for the consultancy are:

• Organisational design: Formalising organisation and employee structures and strategies to support corporate culture, values and strategy.

• Employment environment: HR audits and due diligence; developing compliant and practical policy and process;and performance management processes designed to align employees to business goals, encouraging their contribution to the bottom line.

• Communications: Helping ensure organisation strategy, goals, performance and achievement are communicated internally.

• Employee relations: Helping prevent negative issues from arising, helping to resolve them quickly if they do; change management in mergers, acquisitions or business downsizing.

Cook said: “We can help new or small organisations get their basic HR systems in place to ensure compliance with statutory employment regulations or provide advice to firms in complicated merger and acquisition situations.

“HR is at the heart of every organisation as it helps look after their greatest asset; their employees.

“Over the past 15 years, there has been a huge increase in the level of statutory duties employers must undertake. Failing to do so can have serious and costly consequences.

“But HR is not just about following employment laws, it is also about ensuring employees feel part of the business by knowing what is expected of them and by being fairly rewarded for their efforts. Happy and motivated employees contribute effectively to business success.”

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