Gandhi-inspired Italian lawyers strike for better pay and job security

Employees striking over pay and benefits issues in the UK might challenge any preconceptions of their militancy by finding inspiration in unexpected places, just as striking lawyers have done in Italy.

Members of the United Lawyers Organisation, who have been striking for better pay and job security, modelled their resistance on the peaceful protests of a very different kind of barrister: Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking to Reuters, Maurizio De Tilla, president of the the United Lawyers Organisation, said: “Lawyers are going through difficult times. Out of 230,000 of us, more than 100,000 are in difficulty; we have insecure jobs and we are underpaid.

“Gandhi was a lawyer. We want to imitate his way of protesting – silent, well-mannered, civilized, but determined – and we shall not stop until lawyers are given back the role and the profile that they have always had.”

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