Enrich partners Health Management to launch occupational health service

Enrich has partnered with occupational health provider Health Management to launch HealthSmart, a service that provides occupational health services and advice.

This can be integrated with an organisation’s employee benefits package, and provides data transfer between providers and management information analysis, which can be used to develop an organisation’s health and wellbeing strategy.

Cheryl Brennan, head of strategy and change management at Enrich, said: “Unfortunately, it is generally accepted by management these days that any kind of corporate wellness activity will represent a sunk cost.

“The return on investment can be incredibly difficult to demonstrate thanks in part to the fact that occupational health and employee benefit providers have always tended to work in isolation.

“In line with this, employers have struggled to pull together all of the various streams of management reporting data to which they have access to enable any kind of meaningful analysis.

“HealthSmart was designed to address all of these issues via a single contract.”

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