Case study: Axa seeks to ensure employee happiness

Insurance firm Axa offers a raft of measures to help cultivate staff wellbeing within its UK division.

Sonia Wolsley-Cooper, human resources director at Axa UK, says: “I think there is a huge responsibility on both parties for wellbeing and happiness. Clearly, organisations have to accept that people spend an awful lot of time at work, so they cannot ignore it. A lot of people’s sense of self-worth and interest is driven by workplace wellbeing.”

Axa’s wellbeing programme ranges from traditional workstation assessments to massage, healthy-eating campaigns and Alexander Technique classes. New for 2012 are lunchtime yoga and meditation sessions.

Wolsley-Cooper has also expanded the programme to include work in the local community. “We are trying to be more creative by, for example, encouraging staff to work with local schools and colleges to provide business skills,” she says.

Musculoskeletal and psychological issues are currently most pressing for Axa UK staff, so the programme focuses on practical remedies, such as more workplace assessments and campaigns to highlight issues, encouraging staff to seek help.

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