BMW looks to boost pay but reduce breaks

As part of BMW’s discussion with union representatives about offering employees a pay rise, it will also be negotiating on the length of employees’ tea breaks.

The German firm is due to offer employees based at its Mini plant in Cowley, Oxford, a reported pay rise of 6%.

BMW would not confirm full details of the pay deal, but it was reported in The Sun that employees would be asked to cut their breaks by around 10 minutes a day.

A statement from the firm stated: “Mini plant Oxford has been working with its union representatives to deliver a pay deal offer for its employees for 2012. The detail of this strong offer will be put to the workforce on 28 March.

“As part of this, the organisation has been looking at a range of options around how to manage our production breaks from 2013 onwards. The plant will continue to operate a system of paid breaks for its production employees. No agreement has been reached on this matter and the options are still open to negotiation.”

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