Asda staff receive £515m from sharesave scheme over 30 years

Asda employees have received £515 million since 1982 through the retailer’s sharesave scheme.

The scheme, which is currently open to staff for its 30th consecutive year, has seen, on average, more than 25,000 employees take part each year.

Through the scheme, staff can save between £5 and £250 per month for a three-year period, at the end of which they receive a tax-free bonus and an opportunity to buy parent company Walmart shares at a 20% discounted price.

Hayley Tatum, people director at Asda, said: “Our in-store and depot employees work extremely hard to serve the 18 million customers that come through our doors each week.

“The sharesave scheme is just one of the ways we want to thank them for their efforts. It gives our colleagues the opportunity to save each month, risk free, and also reap the rewards of their hard work.”

Asda’s sharesave scheme was a runner up at the Employee Benefits Awards 2011

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