Alphabet launches corporate car-sharing scheme

Alphabet has launched a corporate car-sharing scheme called AlphaCity.

The scheme allows employers to set up an internal car club under their own parameters for staff, using cars leased from Alphabet.

Employees who sign up to the scheme and receive a membership card and welcome pack. They can then self-book for cars using the online booking website.

AlphaCity records the timing, duration and mileage of each booking using data transmitted by the cars’ on-board system at the beginning and end of each session.

Employers can configure aspects of the scheme to fit the requirements of their staff, including allowing the cars to be used for private use, charging fuel at a flat rate or at actual cost, and the level of penalties applied to drivers who return cars late, dirty or without fuel.

The scheme is being introduced in the UK after successful pilot schemes in France and Germany. Alphabet intends to roll the concept out across all the 19 countries in which it operates.

Richard Schooling, chief executive at Alphabet, said: “The experience of using AlphaCity is fun and high-tech.

“The membership aspect fosters a feeling of shared responsibility that mitigates against employees returning cars late, dirty or without fuel. AlphaCity is not just a new way of delivering mobility, it helps employers drive desired behaviours.”

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