Sequents launches stress assessment technology

Sequents has launched stress assessment technology, which employers can use to measure stress levels in employees.

It allows employers to combat stress and absenteeism, identify and address issues within their organisations, and reduce costs and business risk through identifying areas of critical need.

The Sequents Assessment Technology Test interprets the autonomic nervous system of an employee, giving an analysis of the body’s total physical and mental stress. The results are then measured against a ‘norm group’ established over a 30-year period. It accurately measures and assesses levels of stress, both in the mind and the body.

John McLaughlin, director at Sequents, said: “Until now, stress has been a subjective matter, which, given the high stakes involved as far as absenteeism and even law suits are concerned, is quite a concern for employers.

“Stress costs UK businesses £2,500 for each and every employee – that is a startling figure. But our new technology means stress levels can be objectively determined, patterns and problems identified and acted upon, and costs reduced.

“There is no underestimating the importance of this to businesses.”

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