Heinz introduces cognitive behavioural therapy course for employees

Heinz has introduced a computer-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) course for employees at its Kitt Green site.

The 1,600 employees have the opportunity to take part in the interactive course to help them recognise and manage issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Following an initial session to discover whether the course is suitable, employees then have the opportunity to enrol in a six-week course to help them address any issues and to learn skills to help them cope. If an employee finds the course is not for them, they will have access to a counsellor.

The course is a three-year rolling programme at Heinz, and has proven popular among staff. Heather Hardisty, health promotion co-ordinator for the Kit Green site, said: “We did not realise how many people would want to chat or see if this was for them.

“We have just had some people finish the first course, and as word of mouth spreads, uptake has picked up.”

Details of the CBT course, which was introduced at the start of this year, were communicated to employees through TV screens across the site, as well as newsletter drops and canteen awareness days.

Because many employees at the Kit Green site work in production and are not always at a computer, Heinz also held information sessions in the factories’ tea bars.

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