HealthScreen UK enters health screen provider market

HealthScreen UK has entered the health screen provider market, offering screening programmes specific to cancer.

The services offered include BreastCheck, an extensive consultation that provides an overview of past and future breast health, and SkinCheck, a service that offers a complete body examination and analysis of moles.

Two further services will be added later this year: ProstateCheck and BladderCheck.

John Picken, managing director, HealthScreen UK, said: “The emotional and financial costs of treating cancer are immense.

“This is an ideal time for UK employers to prioritise cancer prevention when considering their employee benefit plans and health risk strategies.”

Professor Gordon Wishart, medical director of HealthScreen UK, added: “A number of national health initiatives including blood pressure monitoring, stopping smoking and breast screening have been extremely successful in the UK.

“With access to new and innovative screening tests, HealthScreen UK are in an ideal position to support the health promotion initiative and take it to the next level with our range of screening services.”

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